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Tallahassee is a place where Southern hospitality is more than a slogan, it’s a treasured way of life. This is a diverse community that welcomes people of every background, ethnicity and faith. Whatever your background, wherever you’re from, we are very glad you’re here. Check out Choose Tallahassee’s unique Red Carpet Team; making you feel personally welcomed is their mission in life!


Tallahassee, nestled among the rolling hills of northwest Florida, is located in the center of the eight-county “Big Bend” area. Geographically, Tallahassee is close to both the Gulf of Mexico, a mere twenty miles to the south, and to Georgia, fourteen miles to the north.


Tallahassee’s rolling landscape, typical of regions further north, is unique among the major cities of Florida. Some areas of the county, including the downtown ridge encompassing the Capitol complex, City Hall, and the County Courthouse, exceed elevations of 200 feet. The highest elevation in Leon County is 288 feet, found in the northern part of the county, about a quarter mile to the southwest of Lake McBride. To the south of the city the hills yield to the flat terrain that is typical throughout the peninsula of Florida. The northern portion of the county consists of a thick layer of sand, silt, and clay overlying limestone formations, while most of the southern portion is characterized by flat, sandy lowlands.


Tallahassee has the mild, moist climate characteristic of the Gulf States, and experiences a subtropical summer similar to the rest of Florida. In contrast to the Florida peninsula, however, the panhandle, of which Tallahassee is a part, experiences four seasons.

Prevailing winds average 6.5 miles per hour and are from a southerly direction in the spring and summer, then shift toward a more northerly direction later in the year.

Climate Averages

HI LOW Days > 90° Days < 32° Days of Rain Rainfall
Jan 64 40 0.0 10.8 10 4.7
Feb 67 42 0.0 7.7 9 4.9
Mar 73 48 0.0 3.1 9 6.2
Apr 80 53 1.4 0.3 7 4.0
May 86 62 7.8 0.0 9 4.6
Jun 90 69 19.6 0.0 12 7.0
Jul 91 71 23.1 0.0 16 8.6
Aug 91 72 22.0 0.0 15 7.0
Sep 88 68 15.2 0.0 9 5.5
Oct 81 57 1.8 0.3 5 3.2
Nov 72 47 0.0 4.1 7 3.5
Dec 66 41 0.0 9.5 8 4.3
Annual 78.7 55.7 91.0 35.7 116 63.5


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