There’s a neighborhood for you here

While Tallahassee residents take pride in their town, their closest connection with local life is in their neighborhoods.

“Once upon a time, the neighborhood was where everything occurred,” said Christic Henry, real estate agent and the 2010-2011 president of CONA, the Council of Neighborhood Associations.

Residents shopped, got haircuts, sent their children to schools and perhaps even worked at an office nearby. That way of life is showing signs of making a comeback, Henry says.

“There is a new kind of spin on localism that is refreshing,” she said.

Strong neighborhoods are a Tallahassee tradition, especially in such long-standing areas as Myers Park, Betton Hills, Los Robles and Waverly Hills. Each has history, a unique setting and architectural influences.

For neighborhoods of more recent vintage, Tallahassee offers SouthWood, Bull Run and Killearn Lakes.

In fact, there are numerous residential areas, as evident in all the various associations that comprise CONA’s membership.

Henry and others recommend getting out and touring them to see what each offers and how well they suit your tastes. Once you’ve gotten to know a few neighborhoods, you are better able to help your real estate agent assist you in your home search.

Perhaps you’d like being close to downtown Tallahassee or maybe enjoy the mood in Midtown, with its shops, restaurants and work places surrounded by homes of all kinds.

For recreation, including golf, you might prefer the neighborhood called Myers Park, which also has tennis, playgrounds for children and a swimming pool that’s open year-round. Nearby is Indianhead Acres, an established, wooded neighborhood close to schools and shopping.

SouthWood continues to grow. It featured four of the 21 entries in the 2011 Parade of Homes sponsored by the Tallahassee Builders Association. A planned community of the St. Joe Co., SouthWood has schools, a country club, trails, a town center and office buildings where many residents work. Within the community are smaller neighborhoods with their own style and housing characteristics.

Whatever your preferences, go exploring. Half the fun of house hunting is finding out all the different things Tallahassee has to offer.