Spiritual riches


It’s difficult to go more than a few blocks in Tallahassee without seeing a church. They range from Baptist and Pentecostal to Methodist and Catholic.

Sprinkled into the mix are other places of worship: three synagogues, two mosques, a Hindu temple, several Buddhist meditation groups and a number of campus ministries.

Services can vary from formal liturgies to the silence of a Quaker meeting. Some sing high church melodies, others belt out rock ‘n roll-like tunes. Members meet in sanctuaries, storefronts, coffee shops, movie theaters and homes.

Many churches are dedicated to service, providing food pantries, after-school programs, elder respite care and 12-step programs. Help extends to those overseas, particularly during summer mission trips, to such places as Haiti, Africa, South and Central America and the former Soviet Union.

The International House of Prayer provides a prayer room during weekdays and several Bible colleges, including the Center for Biblical Studies and Gulf Coast College, offer continuing Christian education.

In addition to churches and faith-based agencies, the community, in general, offers a wide variety of services and organizations.

Asian, Indian and Scottish organizations meet on a regular basis, and about 20 groups serve senior citizens. The Tallahassee Women’s Newcomers Club welcomes people to town, offering luncheons, book clubs, bridge, bunco, and other monthly activities. More than a half dozen organizations cater to artists, from the American Sewing Guild to Tallahassee Writers Association.

So whether your interest is spiritual, intellectual, artistic, or cultural – or any of the above – you’re likely to find a place in Tallahassee to nourish your growth.