There’s no place like family-friendly Tallahassee

Here's why Ashley chose the family-friendly city of Tallahassee to raise her son.

Ashley Thesier has been all around the world, but there’s just one city she calls home

Having lived in Tampa for the past decade after coming from New York and DC, Ashley Thesier and Austin Haigler decided it was time to find a community that was family-friendly.

As college students, single young professionals, and as a new couple, the big cities
offered them entertainment and excitement… but after love comes marriage.

It became clear shortly after the birth of their son that Ashley and Austin, the new owners of Yoga Power Tallahassee, needed to find a better location for their young family to thrive. They wanted to relocate to a place that offered A-rated schools for not only their son but for their own continuing education as well.

They watched as rents doubled and property values skyrocketed leading them to desire land of their own.

In 2019, Ashley had sold her award-winning yoga studio in Tampa to stay home with their toddler while Austin was touring worldwide with performing artists. They were saving up to purchase land and start building their new life together. As a musician and production manager, Austin was keen on moving to Nashville but Ashley had her heart set on family-friendly Tallahassee.

Why Ashley Chose Family-Friendly Tallahassee

As the home of Florida State University and the state capitol, she felt the Big Bend would offer more opportunities to utilize her Masters’s Degree in international relations and undergrad in global affairs.

“I want to be involved with statecraft like I had been in New York, working for the US Mission to the United Nations before moving to Florida. I enjoy community building, not just through owning a yoga studio but by utilizing my degrees and working with the government. As artists and entrepreneurs ourselves, my husband and I also desire to raise our son in the arts. Tallahassee offers us everything we wanted in a community and more.” stated Ashley.

“Before Covid, we had visited Tallahassee several times to search out which neighborhood we wanted to be in and scout out possible locations for our future yoga studio. We have happily landed in Midtown and are thrilled to be offering group classes and yoga teacher trainings to the amazing community of Tallahassee. We’ve been greeted with the warmth of southern hospitality and Yoga Power Tallahassee is thriving as a new yoga studio even in the aftermath of a global pandemic. People are just so grateful to have a new yoga studio that offers a source of connection which doesn’t require Wifi or a zoom meeting.”

With the music industry being brought to a halt by Covid, Ashley and Austin are both teaching classes together daily and their son who is now 4 years old is looking forward to starting VPK at a highly reputable school in the fall.

“We couldn’t be happier with our decision to relocate to Tallahassee and feel it’s one of the best-kept secrets in all of Florida. We get to enjoy a family-friendly community full of southern charm and progressive governmental agencies leading us toward a brighter future.”

Ashley Thesier
Yoga Power Tallahassee

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