Capital City Pedicabs: More Than Just A Man On A Bike

Mike Goldstein, owner of Capital City Pedicabs, at FSU

Tallahassee resident and owner of Capital City Pedicabs, Mike Goldstein, recalls what it was like to start his company, and how it has grown, along with the city.

As a Tallahassee native (I have been here since I was one so I will claim it), I have seen the city grow and continue to grow. I remember when we had putt putt mini golf and a two screen movie theater in Governors Square Mall. Midtown and The Moon were the popular hangout spots before College Town got popular. 

Fast forward to late 2012/early 2013 and Capital City Pedicabs LLC was started by my dad Ron Goldstein. 

I was still getting my AS Degree in Graphic Design at Tallahassee Community College while working at Target part time. Little did I know there was a pedicab revolution coming.

We first started out in Midtown as a late night transportation service and occasionally booked events… but we had no idea what was to come.

Fast forward to 2018, we moved closer FSU, and I took over as the main Pedicab operator.

The Pedicab Revolution

Our pedicabs have taken athletes, politicians, and other community members around town. Capital City Pedicabs serves as a safe way to get home at night when people have had a few too many as well.

Before Covid-19 hit, we would be out for festivals, concerts, sports and more. I especially miss First Friday in Railroad Square and can’t wait for those to come back!

I have become more than just a man on a bike. Now I get recognized whenever I am out and about (on or off my pedicab).

“Bike Mike”
“Mike on the Bike”,
“Pedicab Mike”

I answer to them all!

If you haven’t experienced the revolution yet, catch a pedicab ride and tour the city from our open air carriage. Then you’ll really see why I chose Tallahassee.

Mike Goldstein
Capital City Pedicabs