Tallahassee, nestled among the rolling hills of northwest Florida, is located in the center of the eight-county “Big Bend” area. Geographically, Tallahassee is close to both the Gulf of Mexico, a mere twenty miles to the south, and to Georgia, fourteen miles to the north. See the Tallahassee Fact Sheet below for more details about the capital city.

Tallahassee Fast Facts

Tallahassee's Climate

tallahassee fact sheet showing average monthly temperature in tallahassee

Basking in a warm, sunny climate, Tallahassee has just what millions of Americans are looking for. Summers are long, warm and relaxing — with golf available 12 months a year.

Tired of shoveling snow and mushing through slush in those gray, dreary, bone-chilling months? Here, winter is refreshingly cool, yet on many sunny January afternoons you’ll be comfortable strolling around outdoors in shorts and a T-shirt. Flowers bloom every February. 

It has snowed in Tallahassee just seven times in our history — and every time it does, we take a picture for our museums! Prevailing winds average 6.5 miles per hour and are from a southerly direction in the spring and summer, then shift toward a more northerly direction later in the year.

Tallahassee Population


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Tallahassee's Landscape

Tallahassee’s rolling landscape, typical of regions further north, is unique among the major cities of Florida. Some areas of the county, including the downtown ridge encompassing the Capitol complex, City Hall, and the County Courthouse, exceed elevations of 200 feet. 

The highest elevation in Leon County is 288 feet, found in the northern part of the county, about a quarter mile to the southwest of Lake McBride. To the south of the city the hills yield to the flat terrain that is typical throughout the peninsula of Florida. The northern portion of the county consists of a thick layer of sand, silt, and clay overlying limestone formations, while most of the southern portion is characterized by flat, sandy lowlands. 


Taxes in Tallahassee

State Income Tax:


State Sales Tax Rate: 


Local Income Tax Rate:


Local Sales Tax Rate:


In Tallahassee, enjoy not having to pay state or local personal income taxes, forbidden by the state Constitution; groceries and medicine are tax-free; no “car tax” on personal property; $50,000 in available property tax relief for homeowners age 65+; plenty of available housing (example: a three-bedroom, two-bath home with an attached garage often sells for $175,000 or less). 

Gulf beaches are less than an hour away, yet Tallahassee lies outside of the high-priced coastal wind zone, where homeowners’ insurance can be very expensive.

Did You Know?

"Just For Fun" Facts About Tallahassee

Education in Tallahassee

Tallahassee has Florida’s most educated population. About half the residents have a bachelor’s degree or higher. 

Tallahassee is home to Florida State University, Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University, and Tallahassee Community College. 

Sculpture from Tallahassee Museum
Sculptures at the Tallahassee Museum

Tallahassee's History & Culture

Tallahassee has 15 unique museums to visit. For art enthusiasts, Tallahassee is home to 24 galleries with all varieties of art. 

The Tallahassee Automobile Museum is home to Abraham Lincoln’s horse-drawn hearse, as well as the Batmobiles from from “Batman Forever” and “Batman Returns”. 

Christmas Connection
Volunteers pack boxes for this year's Christmas Connection. PC Lisa Harvey

Tallahassee Gives Back

AARP gives Tallahassee a 77 for its civic and social involvement livability score. With 11.2 organizations per 10,000 people, it’s among the top third of the nation for the opportunity for civic involvement. 

Tallahassee ranks within the top third of communities where people socialize more frequently than average. A big part of this is getting involved in local charitable organizations, including Christmas Connection, Toys for Tots and Reading Pals, to name a few. 

Tallahassee Memorial Hospital

Tallahassee's Health Facts

  • 82% non-smokers
  • 72% healthy weight
  • 83% insured
  • 81% healthy lifestyle

Tallahassee Memorial Hospital has the region’s most advanced neurosurgery program; the region’s only structural heart program; the only level 2 trauma center in the region; the highest designation for heart attack care; and the most powerful cancer center program in the Big Bend. 

Walking through Maclay Gardens

Tallahassee is Active

Tallahassee has a 31 walk score, and is a great walking city. There are over 40 walking trails all over Tallahassee and 15 separate biking trails. Alfred B Maclay Park expands over 1,000 acres and is home to many outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, boating, canoeing and picknicking. 

The 68,000-acre St. Mark’s National Wildlife Refuge, founded in 1931, is one of the nation’s oldest wildlife refuges. You can see the historic St. Mark’s Lighthouse there, which was completed in 1842. St. Mark’s is home to a 20.5 mile long walking trail.