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From international companies to local businesses, Tallahassee’s thriving economy means it’s the perfect place to find your next job. Scroll down to view some of the area’s top employers. 

A Welcome Message from
Tallahassee Mayor John Dailey

When we say that Tallahassee is a great place to live, work and play, it’s more than a slogan. Tallahassee has an incredible story to tell.

Did you know that Tallahassee has the fastest growing economy per capita in the state?

Did you know that Southern Living magazine recognized Tallahassee as one of the 10 Best Cities in the South?

Did you know we’re one of the best cities in the country for job and wage growth?

All these accolades are great, but I know they don’t mean a whole lot without our affordability and unmatched quality of life. When measured against comparable cities around the state, our cost of living and the cost of doing business here is consistently one of the lowest.

There are so many reasons for you to Choose Tallahassee! 

John E. Dailey
Mayor of Tallahassee, Florida
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Tallahassee's Top Industries

As the state capital of Florida, government is a central focus of Tallahassee’s economy. However, some of the largest employers in the area include businesses in technology, healthcare, and higher education. 


With two local hospitals, more than 30 assisted living facilities and a top medical school at Florida State, it's easy to see why there are so many jobs in the healthcare industry in Tallahassee.

TMH hospital for those living in Tallahassee


Tallahassee is home to 3 impressive higher education institutions: FSU, FAMU and the Tallahassee Community College, making the area the perfect place for those seeking jobs in this sector.

Professional Services

Tallahassee is home to jobs in law, real estate, non-profits, association management, manufacturing and more.


From banking to accounting, there are numerous opportunities for finance professionals in the capital city, whether you're looking in the private or public sector.


As the state capital, Tallahassee boasts numerous city, state and county jobs that offer all the benefits of a government employee (plus a short commute to work).

Tech & Startups

With the Jim Moran College of Entrepreneurship, Domi Station's first class business incubator and more than 175 startups created since 2017, it's no wonder why entrepreneurs are choosing Tallahassee as their headquarters.

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Cost of Living in Tallahassee, Florida

The cost of living in Tallahassee, Florida is below the national average, meaning your hard earned dollars go further here. 

The primary reason for this is due to lower housing costs, with the 2019 average home cost at $177,900. 

See the difference yourself with CNN’s Cost of Living Calculator.

Southwood neighborhood for residents living in Tallahassee

If you’re looking for employment opportunities, Tallahassee has a lot to offer. Visit our jobs page to explore open positions from employers in Tallahassee’s top industries.