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Tallahassee sets the bar high when it comes to top-notch living. This means rolling hills, lush landscapes and, best of all, affordable housing.

Tallahassee's Neighborhoods & Districts

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Health is everything. How you feel and function on a daily basis dictates all facets of life. That’s why choosing a destination with outstanding healthcare is paramount. Tallahassee checks that box, thanks to its top-ranked HMO and award-winning hospitals.


Tallahassee is the most educated city in Florida, and for good reason! With two universities and a local college, Tally locals take lifelong learning seriously. It’s just one of the many benefits of living in Tallahassee. Questions about education? Contact us!

Churches that residents living in Tallahassee attend


Tallahassee is home to an array of churches and religious organizations, many of which overlap across community endeavors. 

In addition to Baptist, Catholic, Methodist and Pentecostal churches, other places of worship include three synagogues, two mosques, a Hindu temple, several Buddhist communities, and a number of campus ministries.