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2020 Choose Tallahassee Partnership Packages

Recruiting people to relocate to Tallahassee creates a huge economic impact for our community. Partnering with Choose Tallahassee allows your organization to reach young professionals, entrepreneurs, baby boomers and students and invite them to make the move to our Capital City, which pumps money into the local economy and makes our town a more vibrant community. For more information about partnership packages, contact Executive Director, Gregg Patterson, at 850-545-2840 or

A Tallahassee Economic Investment Opportunity

Tally Eats - $500

A package exclusively for local restaurants

Listing and link to your restaurant on Choose Tallahassee’s ‘Dining & Drinks’ webpage

Opportunity to participate in ‘Welcome to Tallahassee’ programs & events

Tally Neighbors - $1,000

A Choose Tallahassee Partnership package exclusively for local for-profit businesses

Your business logo prominently displayed on a relevant Choose Tallahassee webpage

Opportunity to provide discounts or admission to new residents on the “Choose Tallahassee Welcomes You” portal

Questions about Choose Tallahassee Partnership Packages?
Contact Gregg Patterson at (850) 545-2840

Tally Friends - $5,000

Membership on Choose Tallahassee Marketing Committee or Action Team

Your business logo, listing & link prominently displayed on relevant Choose Tallahassee webpage

Your business featured 4x on social media, highlighted 2x in future email campaigns, and featured at least once on print materials that will be distributed at Choose Tallahassee events

First rights to participate in Choose Tallahassee events

Direct referrals to your organization from prospective resident inquiries (300+ inquiries in 2019)

Opportunity to provide a 30-sec video featuring your business on Choose Tallahassee website

Opportunity to provide materials for “Ask the Experts”

Spotlight of your company logo at Welcome Events

Opportunity to serve as a distribution point for future Choose Tallahassee Magazine

Contact Gregg Patterson at (850) 545-2840

Tally Advocates - $10,000

all ‘Tally Friends’ benefits, plus:

Complimentary table at Choose Tallahassee Welcome Events

Recognition at all Choose Tallahassee Events, including Welcome Reception

Company Spotlight on at least 2 printed marketing materials

Opportunity to provide a 2-min. video featuring your business on Choose Tallahassee website

Opportunity to host a Choose Tallahassee event at your location

Contact Gregg Patterson at (850) 545-2840

Tally Champions - $20,000

all ‘Tally Friends’ & ‘Tally Advocates’ benefits, plus:

Spotlight of your company and logo on the Choose Tallahassee homepage

Anchoring role as spotlight vendor in your industry category on Choose Tallahassee website

Prominently featured video on rotating background queue, showcasing a landscape of your office or business on website

Opportunity to provide an additional video and content, for placement on website 

Contact Gregg Patterson at (850) 545-2840

Future Investment Opportunities

Exciting New Partnership Package Benefits Coming Soon!

  • Receive relevant inquiries from prospective residents, segmented by age and lifestyle
  • Participation in “Find Your Tribe” initiative, where new and prospective residents connect with existing residents around similar interests
  • Potential media coverage opportunities in local, state and national media
  • Co-Hosting and participating in Welcome Events for new residents 


Contact Gregg Patterson
(850) 545-2840 or send an email to
for more information about partnership packages.