Follow the Trail to Tallahassee

Follow the Trail to Tallahassee

**The late Dr. Nancy Van Vessem, Capital Health Plan’s former chief medical officer**

Members of the Tallahassee community take pride in a sense of family that fosters a positive and welcoming environment for all, and Capital Health Plan (CHP) has been a proud member of that family for almost 40 years. A big part of CHP’s role in the community is its dedication to keeping members healthy by supporting initiatives that promote an active lifestyle. 

A Tribute to Dr. Van Vessem

That’s why CHP is particularly excited about one new component of the Big Bend: signage that will be going up at Cascades Park to honor the late Dr. Nancy Van Vessem, CHP’s former chief medical officer. Cascades is a popular downtown spot for people of all ages who want to spend time outdoors and enjoy the beautiful Florida sunshine. The walking trails are a large part of what draws the community to come together at Cascades but there is also a state-of-the-art amphitheater for plays and concerts, a mesmerizing water fountain show for kids, dogs and families to cool off in the summer, and a large playground for children. She often “prescribed” walking to her patients as a way to stay fit.

In June, Tallahassee City Commissioners unanimously agreed that the walking trails at Cascades Park will be named in Dr. Van Vessem’s honor. This is an exceptionally fitting tribute, as she was a strong advocate for health in the Tallahassee community and was also passionate about promoting projects like Cascades Park that help keep people healthy and active.

It is with great joy and loving memory that CHP and the Tallahassee community dedicate these walking trails to Dr. Van Vessem so everyone can enjoy them for years to come. Honoring the legacy of Dr. Van Vessem is a comforting example of the Tallahassee community’s close ties that honor the city’s history, residents, and strong familial bond to both new and longtime residents. 

Giving Back To The Tallahassee Community

CHP remains dedicated to contributing to the health of the local community, from large families to individuals. That’s why we are now offering Individual Insurance Plans that will provide coverage to those without employer insurance, in between jobs, or who are unemployed. This is another reason why CHP is Tallahassee’s local trusted plan. 

Through community, adventure, and opportunity, Tallahassee not only welcomes but takes care of its residents with unwavering pride and a whole lot of heart.