Meet Tallahassee Artist Adam Allen

“Artists Inspire!” Adam Allen

COCA /Tallahassee Arts continues a brand-new feature called “Artists Inspire” to showcase local artists of all genres in our community. “Artists Inspire” will give us a glimpse into the lives of our working artists and cultural leaders – promoting what is unique to Tallahassee and our surrounding area. In August 2021, we celebrate National Black Business Month.

Adam Allen attended college at Florida A&M University and got his start in entertainment as a choreographer. He has been writing, producing shows, and doing choreography for over 18 years and is the CEO of Phi Entertainment LLC. Phi Entertainment showcases the company’s performing abilities through local, state, and national exhibitions. On a national level, Phi Entertainment will provide a variety show consisting of live comedy sketches, dramatization, musical theater, spoken word, stepping, and dancing. Later in 2021, they will begin their streaming network. Click here to learn more.

What is necessary for your creative process?

Talking with God and listening to music are two necessary things for my creative process.

What fictional character would you like to bring to life and meet?

I would bring to life the characters from the Sumerian text. In their text, these gods were creatives and many of our modern-day stories have been based off them. As a creative person, I would want to talk with a creative who was responsible for creating life, worlds, and civilizations. This would inspire me to create even more material.

What music is playing in your car?

I usually listen to something motivational every day. It’s usually something by Eric Thomas. He is a phenomenal speaker and is doing things to change people’s lives which is what I aim to do through entertainment.

What is the last local live performance, or book you have read, that had an impact on you?

The last books I recently read that made an impact on me were ’The Power of Positive Thinking’ by Norman Vincent Peale and ‘The Magic of Thinking Big’ by David J. Schwartz.

It’s time to explore Tallahassee and Leon County; where are we going and why?

If it is a date night, I would contact Phi Entertainment and have them set up one of their themed date nights for me. Music, a personal chef, and a nice theme would be a great outing. Then we could go to a nice park in town for scenery and conversation.

If you were trapped in a TV show or movie for a month, which would it be?

It would be ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.’ I like family-oriented fun shows with morals.

What superpower would you like to have?

If I could get a superpower, it would be the power to create and change things with my mind. This way I could create things needed in society, help change the mindset of others to be less evil in the world, and finally create the winning scratch ticket I have been waiting for.

What do you like best about living in Tallahassee?

I like the fact that although we are the state’s capital, the city is not too congested nor does it have too many distractions to where I cannot be creative.

What have you learned from failure?

I have learned that there are no failures, just unexpected experiences.

What do you hope you will be remembered for?

I hope to be remembered for several things. One, is having the greatest entertainment company ever. Two, is changing the mindset of people all over the world to become greater than what we are. Three, I want to be remembered as someone who always helped people.

By Erica Thaler
Council on Culture & Arts

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