Why Robert Blacklidge Chose Tallahassee

Robert Blacklidge at Domi Station

** Discover why Executive Director Robert Blacklidge of Domi Station chose to live and work in Tallahassee **

Tallahassee represents an incredible opportunity. I’ve lived in or near large cities across the country. Some of these cities were Chicago, Atlanta, Orlando, Omaha, Miami, and Tampa. I’ve found that these cities at their core are the relationships that have been built over years. It truly takes an entire community to come together and create unparalleled success for each other. Tallahassee being the capital of the state really has an opportunity to highlight all of the incredible innovations that are happening Statewide and to bring to light the incredible potential of the state. What is unique about Tallahassee is it has a strong governmental, University engagement, and an ever-growing business community.

Entrepreneurship in Tallahassee

I am personally incredibly passionate about the pursuit of freedom. To me, there is no greater freedom than being an entrepreneur and owning your own business. I myself have had 10 companies and have helped thousands over the years grow and scale their Ventures. Coming to Tallahassee, I was able to join Domi Station as the Executive Director right at the Forefront of economic development here in Tallahassee. Domi’s mission to create a diverse group of entrepreneurs from diverse Industries is well in line with my personal passion. I’m incredibly excited to bring the knowledge that I have developed to help support entrepreneurs and many different ecosystems right here in the local community.

Tallahassee is not just a home for me, it’s a home for my wife and two children as well.

Tallahassee has some of the best outdoor activities that you could ask for. There are National and state parks as well as the beach within a couple of hours. There are excellent schools in the area and the community has welcomed us with open arms. I look forward to working to create a better community for Tallahassee and continuing my personal mission to create opportunities and open doors for all.

Robert Blacklidge
Executive Director
Domi Station

About Domi Station

Under his leadership, Domi has significantly increased participation in entrepreneur programming from 8 to over 60 participants. This has led to the generated of over $73M in economic impact in 2021. For every dollar that Domi brings in, there is a $211 economic impact.

Domi Station offers event space and several coworking options from hotdesks to team offices. Operating as a non-profit, Domi typically subsidizes every dollar with at least another dollar from our community supporters to provide its services. Domi additionally offers business incubation in the form of entrepreneur education (Transferable to TCC for college credits), Guidance through the operation of Tallahassee Mentor Network with access to over 500 mentors, and access to our virtual community. Domi has implemented preventative pandemic measures, installing Plexiglass and upgrading our air filtration (the air is sterilized every 2.5 seconds). We look forward to supporting your ventures.

Feature Image Photo Credit:  Lindsey Masterson