Bars in Midtown

Two friends at the bar at Finnegans Wake, a pub in Midtown, Tallahassee


Located between Thomasville Road and Monroe Street, Midtown serves as the middle ground between the bustling college town and the quiet suburbs. The high concentration of restaurants, shopping, and bars in walking distance makes this area popular across all age groups. Whether you like to sip on a cocktail and dine on baked brie, or prefer a cold beer and some finger food at a nearby pub, Midtown has a little bit of everything. 

Midtown Bars  


Man drinking blue drink while people cheers, at Ology Brewery in Midtown.

Ology means ‘the study of’ and is a fitting name for this local microbrewery, known for developing new experimental styles of beers. The location is dog-friendly and the staff is customer oriented, making it the perfect casual hangout for you and your furry friend.  

Liberty Bar

Bottles of liquor behind the bar at Liberty Bar in Midtown.

Liberty’s housemade syrups give the cocktails here an unmatched flavor. On top of their unusual and unique drinks, enjoy a gourmet menu with local ingredients. Known for their rotating house cocktail menu, this is the perfect place for anyone who fancies a ‘seasonal’ favorite and is looking to stray away from their usual order.

Finnegan’s Wake

People sitting at the bar at Finnegan's Wake Irish Pub in Midtown Tallahassee.

Finnegan’s Wake gives Tallahassee a glimpse into an authentic Irish pub, complete with beers, spirits, and music. Recently reopened, the pub is bubbling with new life. Depending on the day of the week, take part in trivia, bingo, or try your hand at open mic night. 

OverUnder Bar and Lounge

Under Lounge of Over Under Bar and Lounge in Midtown.

Get the best of both worlds at OverUnder Bar and Lounge! In the Over Lounge, you can find a lively atmosphere, perfect for sipping cocktails and taking in the scenes of the city from their oversized balcony. Or you can head down to the Under Bar for a more relaxed evening paired with soft light. Whichever you choose, know it is a great place to catch up with old friends or make some new ones.  


Women in their 20s enjoying drinks and charcuterie at Vino Beano, a coffee and wine bar in Midtown Tallahassee

One of Midtown’s newest additions, VinoBeano is the perfect place for wine and coffee lovers. Go during the day for a cafe-like experience, or come at night for a traditional evening out on the town. If you want to attend one of their specialty Persian Nights, be sure to follow them on social media; you’ll enjoy a night of belly dancing and merriment.

Hummingbird Wine Bar 

Hummingbird wine bar, customers sitting and chatting.
Source: Tallahassee Foodies

A great option for wine lovers is Hummingbird Wine Bar. Known for its wine club, customers get to experience great wine, cheese plates, paninis, and more. If you are searching for something fun to do while expanding your wine palette, join them for their blind-tasting experience every other Tuesday night. 

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