Greater Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce Partners with Local Businesses to Launch Classroom Connection

Classroom Connection donations

Classroom adoption program allows the business community to support local students and teachers during the first year of elementary school

Research shows that the experiences and interactions a child has between ages 0-5 have long-term impacts on brain development. A solid foundation and early learning are critical for later success in school, health, career, and life. Children who start kindergarten with grade-level skills or higher are on track for a successful and satisfying education. They start ahead and stay ahead.

Kindergarten is a critical year for students as they learn essential social, emotional, problem-solving, and study skills in the classroom. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many parents made the decision to “redshirt” their kindergarten students so they could have the full school experience. This year, Leon County Schools saw an influx of incoming kindergarteners as they continued to face pandemic-related challenges along with staffing shortages. Our local schools needed the help more now than ever.

Classroom Connection donations

Classroom Connection is a partnership between the Greater Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce, World-Class Schools, and Leon County Schools that allows the business community to support our students and teachers during the first year of elementary school. As part of the Chamber’s focus on community, prosperity, and education, the classroom adoption program is an investment in the next generation of our workforce.

In August, Leon County Schools welcomed more than 2,000 kindergarteners and more than 90 classrooms were adopted. Local Tallahassee businesses stocked their adopted classrooms full of school supplies, disinfectants, and masks so teachers and students could focus on what they were there to do: learn.

Although volunteers aren’t allowed inside the classroom due to safety protocols, business leaders have turned to Zoom to connect with their students, holding virtual reading circles and get-togethers. Thanks to technology, the Classroom Connection adoption program hasn’t skipped a beat. 

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