Tallahassee Community College Launches TCC2WORK Program

Kim Moore, Tallahassee Community College Vice President of Workforce Innovation and TCC2WORK

Provides scholarships to individuals seeking employment in industries impacted by COVID-19

As we all know by now, the pandemic brought with it a number of challenges. But, as advancements continue to be made in the medical arena with vaccinations, we can see that the hard work is paying off.

However, one area where we continue to see major havoc wreaked is in the workforce. That is to say, at the height of the pandemic, Florida saw a 40% unemployment hit in the areas of retail and hospitality. There was a similar impact in those industries throughout the country.

Now, fast forward to November 2021, and we can all attest to the fact that there are jobs available. And lots of them. As a result, many employers are scratching their heads wondering why their jobs are going unfilled. It’s not just the hardest hit industries mentioned earlier. 

Skills Gap Exists in the Job Market

First, we have to acknowledge that it is a job-seekers market and that there are a lot of job options that exist. However, another major factor is that there’s a skills gap. Essentially, job seekers lack the skills to perform the jobs that are available. 

This is where Tallahassee Community College’s Division of Workforce Development plays a critical role. TCC works directly with employers to determine their immediate and long-term needs and then develops rapid or fast-track training.

For example, at the onset of the pandemic, TCC launched the TCC2WORK Be Essential program. This program provided 100% paid scholarships to those impacted in the hardest-hit industries. This allowed individuals to receive retraining in an in-demand area that placed them on a path to a career.

New Program Provides Job Training for Hard-Hit Industries

Recently, the College launched a TCC2WORK Workforce Connection program that provides scholarships for those seeking training in one of the areas where there is a skills gap and a critical need for workers exists. Right now, under the initiative, target industries include healthcare and manufacturing. However, we continue to review our labor market data and engage in conversations with local employers to determine where new needs are present that require our support.

If you’d like to learn more about the work underway at TCC’s Division of Workforce Development, contact us at workforce@tcc.fl.edu or at 1-833-TCC-JOBS.

Kimberly A. Moore
Tallahassee Community College
Vice President of Workforce Innovation and TCC2WORK