Meet Tallahassee Artist E. Marie Sissle

“Artists Inspire!” E. Marie Sissle

COCA /Tallahassee Arts continues a brand-new feature called “Artists Inspire” to feature local artists of all genres in our community. “Artists Inspire” will give us a glimpse into the lives of our working artists and cultural leaders – promoting what is unique to Tallahassee and our surrounding area. In August 2021, we celebrate National Black Business Month.

E. Marie Sissle is a Tallahassee native who is the Executive Director of the SoMo PlayHouse. She teaches theatre and leadership at Governors Charter Academy and is the Marketing Director with The Chocolate Dandies. She is excited about an upcoming partnership with Young Actors Theatre and SoMo PlayHouse and is developing a reading and performance series that will highlight children’s books from people of color. Click here to learn more about E. Marie or here for more information about the SoMo Playhouse.

What is necessary for your creative process?

The creative process is non-stop. I can find inspiration at any time. I just have to be prepared to record the thought or write it down so I don’t forget.

What fictional character would you like to bring to life and meet?

Wonder Woman is my hero. She is blunt, assertive and never quits.

What music is playing in your car?

Bruno Mars or Broadway Musicals.

What is the last local live performance, or book you have read, that had an impact on you?

I watch a lot of movies and the last impactful story was ‘Us Again’ from a Disney Short. It just reminded me of my husband and me. One of our sons even said it after the movie.

It’s time to explore Tallahassee and Leon County; where are we going and why?

Honestly, I love looking at the various neighborhoods and homes. I love to find unique and custom homes.

If you were trapped in a TV show or movie for a month, which would it be?

This is super bad, but I’d love to be in either ‘Queen of the South’ or ‘Key & Peele.’

What superpower would you like to have?

Definitely telekinesis.

What do you like best about living in Tallahassee?

I like that there are so many families with multiple kids like ours.

What have you learned from failure?

Failure is always a part of growth. It makes success so much sweeter.

What do you hope you will be remembered for?

I want to build something that will inspire someone. I want to be a part of someone’s journey to find out who they are and what they are here to do.

By Erica Thaler
Council on Culture & Arts (COCA)

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