Tallahassee Groups to Join on Social Media

Tallahassee social media groups

Whether you’re new to the city or you’ve lived here for a while, it’s easier than ever to stay involved and connected with everything Tallahassee. Facebook groups have sprouted up for everything from local events and restaurants to favorite hobbies and nature trails. In a city of around 200,000 people, interest groups can help you find your community and make some new friends in the process. We’ve compiled a list of the top Facebook groups for Tallahassee residents to join in 2022.

Tallahassee Foodies

If you’re looking to get the inside scoop on the local food scene then look no further than Tallahassee Foodies! The Facebook group has over 52,000 members who share the best restaurants, meals, and dining experiences in and around Tallahassee. This group exudes positivity (no negative talk allowed!) is all about community and shares info about local food-centric events like food festivals and food truck meet ups!

Wondering what to eat for dinner? Go ahead and start a discussion post in the group and wait for the recommendations to flood in! With active group moderators you won’t have to comb through ads or spam posts – it’s all food content all the time, just the way we like it.

Tallahassee Hikes

After filling up on all the local cuisine recommendations from Tallahassee Foodies, you’ll have to get out of the house and enjoy some of the incredible natural resources around the city. Tallahassee Hikes is a group of outdoor enthusiasts who share the best trails, hikes, parks, and nature destinations in Tallahassee and South Georgia. 

New to town and looking for a hiking group? Be sure to check out the Tallahassee Hikes page weekly for invites to hiking groups meeting up around town. The group is active and people love to share the best photos from their hikes, along with fun and safety tips for future hikers! Tallahassee Hikes is the perfect group to join if you’re ready to get in touch with nature.

TMSC – Tally Moms Stay Connected

If you’re a mom, it won’t be hard for you to find a network of strong mothers in Tallahassee. Tally Moms Stay Connected is a group for local area moms, expectant moms, grandmothers and mother figures to share advice, information, encouragement, and support.

There are several groups for moms in the area, but TMSC has over 13,700 members making it the largest group by far! Since there are so many members in the group, there are over 40 posts a day for you to connect with. If you’re looking for a smaller group to get your feet wet, try looking for groups related specifically to your neighborhood, or your kid’s school.

Tallahassee Plant People

Whether you have a green thumb or a brown thumb, Tallahassee Plant People will welcome you with open arms. With over 7,000 local members you can get plant advice from local experts, buy, sell, or trade plants to grow your collection, and even post pictures of your prized plant possessions!

We have to warn you though, you may walk away green with envy, because these plant parents mean business! This active group is full of people showing off their latest plant purchases, and sharing pictures of their beautiful lush gardens. It’ll have you running to your local plant nursery to stock up and keep up! 

Tallahassee Events

You’ll never have to wonder where to find live music, special events, or local festivals again once you join the Tallahassee Events Facebook group! With about 10 posts a day, this active group helps residents find the perfect events to add to their calendar every week. 

When you scroll through the feed you’ll see a lot of local businesses promoting their events like trivia nights, live music concerts, comedy shows, and more. But you’ll also find local residents talking about the best annual events, sharing unique local organizations events, and even event volunteer or donation opportunities. This group is a great way to get involved and stay involved in the community!

Tallahassee Vegan/Vegetarian Community (TalVeg)

Being a vegan or vegetarian can sometimes be a struggle in a new city before you find your trusted go-to restaurants and grocery stores. That’s where the Tallahassee Vegan/Vegetarian Community (TalVeg) Facebook group comes in! With about 3,000 local members you’ll be able to get the best restaurant recommendations, recipe ideas, and helpful tips on how to sustain the lifestyle.

The group has put together a Google map of all the local restaurants that serve vegan and vegetarian meals and they are quick to update it when a new menu item becomes available. They also share local events and meet ups throughout the community. Possibly our favorite part of the group – the puns! Everyone loves a good vegetable pun, they’re simply un-beet-able!

Tallahassee Online Yardsale

Buying and selling is made easy through Tallahassee Online Yardsale’s Facebook group. With over 90,000 local members there are hundreds of posts a day for you to explore. Looking to get rid of that old lamp or those clothes that don’t quite fit anymore? Try your luck at selling them through the “Buy and Sell” section of the group.

Even though the Admins of the Facebook group are constantly looking for spam posts to delete, some still slip through the cracks. Be sure to vet your buyers or sellers and always follow safety guidelines if you choose to meet up!

Stay Connected

It’s true that Facebook groups are a great way to meet new people and stay connected to the Tallahassee community, but they’re not the only way. By following Choose Tallahassee on Facebook and Instagram you’ll see information about upcoming local events, restaurant recommendations, local businesses, historic city locations, parks, and more! You can also share your favorite photos of Tallahassee with the hashtag #ChooseTLH on social media for a chance to make it on our page!