Entrepreneurship in Tallahassee

Barbara Westcott, Tallahassee entrepreneur, swellcoin

I chose Tallahassee because it is a city that wants to see me succeed. And it wants to see you succeed, too. Of the many, many things Tallahassee has to offer, palpable is a collective yearning to see people and efforts prosper. From our coffee houses, co-working spaces, campuses, parks and places of civic engagement, you’ll find heads together collaborating and dreaming. It’s a place where we know we are stronger together, where talent, ideas, ideals, and expertise come from all reaches of our community, regardless of age, race or gender.

So it is in this environment, at age 55, that I choose Tallahassee to launch both an innovative new startup, Swellcoin, as well as an initiative called Women Wednesdays. Built at our community incubator, Domi Station, our web/mobile Swellcoin app combines community spirit and business cashback rewards to make it PAY to Shop Tally. And the mission is simple. We want to help restore some of the community foot traffic and spending that has been drawn away to online retailers like Amazon. Doing so makes sense and cents – and keeps more jobs and money in our fine city.

And with Women Wednesdays, we are welcoming an ever growing involvement of area women in to our entrepreneurial ecosystem who are eager and ready to make big things happen.  With women serving as the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs, and black women leading the pack (growing at a rate of 322%), the talented women from FAMU, FSU, TCC, our business community, state government and households across Tallahassee, we will propel Tallahassee to #1City4WomenTally. We are a community rich in diversity, and we know it and celebrate it!

So when you think about where you want to retire, where you will be valued for your lifetime of experience, for who you are, and for the clarity you have to focus on what matters to you, know that Tallahassee is a community with arms wide open to see you succeed. And we can’t wait to be your neighbor!

Barbara Wescott

Learn more: www.swellcoin.comwww.womenwednesdays.co or email barbara@swellcoin.com.