Yoga in Tallahassee

Yoga power Tallahassee owner Ashley

There are an abundance of options when it comes to yoga in Tallahassee. If you’re looking to improve your strength, balance, and overall health, then look no further than the restorative benefits of this healing practice. With studios that specialize in hot yoga, aerial yoga, and yes, even GOAT yoga, there are plenty of opportunities to “om” in Florida’s capital city. 

Yoga Studios in Tallahassee

Below you’ll find a list of yoga studios in Tallahassee, along with a description. Many of the studios offer a free or discounted first class, so try them all and decide which one you’d like to make your home studio! 

Calioflo Yoga Collective 

CaliFlo Yoga Collective is the fruition of studio owner Taylor Ann Drew. Originally from Florida, Taylor Ann moved to California after graduate school to practice with some of the most talented people in the yoga world. This experience drove her to bring a California-inspired studio back to her hometown of Tallahassee. And thus, CaliFlo was born; combining both the California vibe and the Florida spirit, into one inspirational practice. 

In an effort to give back to the local community, CaliFlo offers discounts to teachers, healers, first responders, nurses, military, and students. 

For a list of their Tallahassee yoga classes, click here

Goat House Farm

If you’re looking for a different kind of Tallahassee yoga experience, then look no further than the Goat House Farm! At the Farm, 60-minute yoga classes are taught by licensed instructors, with the help of an adorable crew of Pygmy and Nigerian Dwarf goats. Check out their website to book an upcoming class, or schedule your own private goat yoga party with 4 to 12 of your goat-loving friends. 


If hot yoga is what you’re looking for, then Hotworx may be the perfect Tallahassee yoga studio for you! While completing a 30-minute, low impact workout or a 15-min High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) session, attendees will burn an average of 250-450 calories, while simultaneously removing toxins from their bodies through muscle contraction. So come sweat it out in a small class setting! 

Journeys in Yoga 

If you’re feeling a bit intimidated or self-conscience when it comes to practicing yoga, Journeys in Yoga will set your mind at ease. This Tallahassee yoga studio’s mantra is “come as you are” and they practice what they preach. Their laid back and playful approach will put any fears to rest. They believe poses are just a tool to explore the body and how they FEEL is much more important than how it may LOOK. Sometimes you may laugh, sometimes you may fall but it’s all part of the experience, so relax and enjoy the journey. 

Rising Om Yoga 

The instructors at Rising Om realize that life can be overwhelming – between work, kids, school, family… it can get exhausting. The classes at Rising Om Yoga prepare you with both the physical and mental tools you need to rise above the challenges, reduce your anxiety and heal injuries so you can approach life with the right attitude and a positive energy. Take a deep breath and begin your transformation journey today. 

Tallahassee Silks (Arts Dojo)

Looking for a fun way to explore the art of yoga in a new way? How about from high in the sky, tumbling through colorful silky sheets? At the Arts Dojo, their instructors offer beginner and up classes in the art of aerial yoga. Learn climbing techniques, inverts, and other skills needed to take on the silks. 

Yoga Power Tallahassee 

Ashley Thesier, owner of Yoga Power Tallahassee, has 2 decades of experience as a professional massage therapist and mystic. As an E-RYT 500, she has thousands of hours of yoga teaching experience, with her speciality in Vinyasa Flow. Whether you’re looking to take a class, or become a licensed yoga instructor yourself, be sure to check out this Tallahassee yoga studio. 

Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga for mid-life & senior citizens

Amanda Cannon is the Teacher & Owner of Restorative Yoga. She specializes in helping mid-life to senior women and men restore, maintain and excel in daily activities through the practice of yoga.

Back in 2004, Amanda was trying to recover from injuries she sustained from other fitness activities, and that’s when she discovered the healing practice of yoga. Now, her passion is to share with others the amazing healing nature of yoga and movements for cognitive function.

For those mid-life and older individuals looking to supplement their existing fitness routine, begin a new fitness routine, reduce the effects of arthritis, increase range of motion, mobility, balance and much more, Restorative Yoga is the perfect place to start.

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