Get to Know the Local Community: Southside Tallahassee

Three homes in the neighborhood of SouthWood in Tallahassee, Florida.


Southside Tallahassee is a charming district full of friendly neighbors, local shops, and a welcoming atmosphere. It's a captivating and vibrant community perfect for raising a family or if you're looking for a diverse area to relocate to in Tallahassee.

Many appealing features set apart Southside Tallahassee from other communities. From the undeniable southern charm to the tight-knit communities, this area is one of the most distinguished in the city, and for good reason. 

Welcome back to our final post of the series we call Get to Know the Local Community, in which we explore what residents love about the area they live in. This time, we’ll look at Southside Tallahassee. This charming district is full of friendly neighbors, local shops, and a welcoming atmosphere. It’s also an ideal area to look into if you’re thinking about relocating to Tallahassee because of its ongoing infrastructure improvements. 

If you missed our other posts about the Northeast, Northwest, and Midtown areas, click their respective links to learn more. Otherwise, read on to find out more about Southside Tallahassee!

Why People Love Southside Tallahassee

Among all of the appealing perks of this area, here are just a few that residents commonly rave about.

  1. Southern charm. Unlike any other Tallahassee community, the southside is renowned for its hospitality and welcoming energy. Whether it’s a friendly wave on your morning jog or top-notch customer service, community members always find a way to stay connected.
  2. Proximity. Because the Southside is almost a town in itself, there are many local restaurants and supermarkets very close to most neighborhoods. So you won’t have to travel far to get where you need to go. 
  3. Many schools. With public, private, and charter school options within the area, residents have several education options. Notably, in the area is the Florida State University Schools (FSUS) system, which goes from K-12 and provides students with a direct path to Florida State University
  4. Picturesque neighborhoods. Some of the neighborhoods in this area are considered to be very modern, clean, and eye-catching. People from all over town take a trip through them to see how beautifully they are decorated during the Holiday season. 
  5. Infrastructure. The City of Tallahassee is currently undergoing infrastructure improvements in the area to enhance the quality of life for its residents. This includes reducing the unemployment rate, preventing gun violence, and other important causes. You can read more about it here
“If there is one word I would choose to describe Southwood Tallahassee, it’s ‘community.’ Since the first day I moved to Southwood, I always felt like more than just a resident of a beautiful neighborhood, I felt like a member of an expansive, inclusive, and fun community.

We try to take advantage of enjoying everything here! We love exploring the nature trails that intertwine throughout the neighborhood, and we love taking long walks or runs around the Central Park lake (where everyone smiles at each other as they pass by). The pool and its features are fantastic and I hope one day my daughter realizes how lucky she is to grow up with a miniature water park to play in every day… It is because of all of these aspects and more that my family and I love living in Southwood.”
Summer Gonzalez-Mendez, Southwood Resident

Schools in Southside

Listed below are some of the schools that reside in Southside Tallahassee. Some of these schools are private or require acceptance to enter. Depending on the neighborhood in which you reside, please note that your children may be zoned for a school not located on the Southside. You can verify the schools in your zone on the Leon County Schools’ website.  

Elementary Schools

Middle Schools

High Schools


Charter Schools

Zip Codes in Southside Tallahassee

Some of the zip codes primarily in Southside Tallahassee include 32301, 32305, 32306, 32307, 32310, 32311, and 32317. 

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list and that some zip codes that are partially within Southside Tallahassee might be missing. If you have a specific location in mind, it’s always a good idea to verify the correct zip code with an official source. 

Local Restaurants

CK Crab House. Look no further if you’re in the mood for some delectable seafood. Locals know them for their friendly service and perfectly seasoned shrimp.

Olean’s Café. On the south side of town, people rave about Ms. Olean’s Southern Soul Food. From the fried chicken to the cheese grits, the aroma alone will have you drooling. 

Casa Grande Bar & Grill. Everyone appreciates a good Mexican restaurant, and this is the place to go if you’re looking for a great local spot. They dedicate entire pages of their menu solely to their extravagant margaritas and cocktails, while their food is equally enticing.

Hobbit American Grill. This locally owned restaurant has been open since 1978 and has been a favorite of Tallahassee residents for generations. They’re famous for their award-winning wings, hand-crafted burgers, and other American classics like loaded fries and fried pickles!

Activities on the Southside

There’s a lot to do outside in Tallahassee’s Southside. Here is a diverse list of outdoor activities ideal for weekend activities with family and friends. 

Free Activities

Central Park Lake. The heart of Southwood surrounds this pristine lake, offering a paved path, lush greenery, and a tranquil environment, making it an ideal spot for a mid-day stroll with your kids. Neighbors often congregate here and offer friendly waves as you pass by. 

SOMO Walls (or South Monroe Walls). Located just across from Proof Brewing Co. is a new addition coming to the public art scene in Tallahassee. Inspired by the Wynwood Walls in Miami, this art district will continue the Tallahassee art walk trend with 15 rotating wall canvases in the downtown area.

St.Marks Historic Railroad State Trail. Explore a 16-mile trail from Tallahassee to the St. Marks community, where you’ll find exquisite seafood restaurants, entertainment, and educational opportunities. The Wakulla Station playground, currently undergoing repairs, remains beloved by children of all ages.

Other Activities

Tallahassee Museum. The perfect weekend activity for all family members to have fun and learn something new. There are tree-to-tree adventures (with obstacles for all ages), multiple museum exhibits, and a look at Florida’s unique wildlife. And if you get hungry, you can stop by the Trail Break Café for a delicious meal.

FSU Rez Lakefront Park. Florida State University’s Rez is an affordable outdoor escape located on the shores of Lake Bradford. There’s a range of activities from a high ropes course to sand volleyball, as well as other lake activities including paddle boarding, kayaking, and canoeing when weather permits. It’s free for all FSU students and $5 to enter for other guests.

Capital City Country Club. This gorgeous country club, situated downtown just 5 minutes from the capital, earned the ranking of the best golf course in Tallahassee by USA Today and as the 13th best in Florida.

Southside Shopping

Town center road in SouthWood Tallahassee, Florida.

Tallahassee Flea Market 

This flea market is held on Saturdays and Sundays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. You can find books, collectibles, household items, clothes, fresh produce, and more all at affordable prices. 

Forest Village Shopping Center 

Featuring Publix as its main attraction, this plaza holds many great stores and restaurants such as Hobbit American Grill and Waffle House. 

Southwood Town Center

Nestled in the center of the Southwood community, this community center offers a local sweet shop, nail salon, and fitness center, as well as Canopy Road Café and El Jalisco


The Cloisters of All Saints

Photo of the neighborhood The Cloisters of All Saints located in Tallahassee, Florida.

This condominium development would look equally at home in Charleston, Savannah, or New Orleans’ French Quarter as it does in Florida’s capital city. And once inside, you’ll fall in love! Cloisters residents are drawn to the 10-foot ceilings, stainless appliances, and second-floor balconies. Residents also appreciate the fact that everything is within walking distance. You can walk to the Florida State Capitol, Florida State University, Florida A&M University, or the Leon County Civic Center from the front door of your home. Because of its central location, there are numerous bars, restaurants, and art galleries nearby as well. Residents frequent Fermentation Lounge, All Saints Cafe, and Railroad Square, especially on Friday nights when live music is around every corner.

Oak Ridge Place

This diverse neighborhood includes studio and one-bedroom apartments along with three and four-bedroom single-family homes with a wide range of styles, sizes, and prices. Since the majority of the homes were built after 2000, rest assured that the structures are modern and spacious. While it’s more on the city’s outskirts, it’s an easy drive to downtown Tallahassee. 

Villages of Wilson Green

Situated on Tallahassee’s south side between Crawfordville Highway to the east and Ridge Road to the north, The Villages of Wilson Green, a 133-home residential community, was established in 2005. It is located near Florida A&M University, Florida State University, Cascades Park, and Tallahassee International Airport. Their Home Owners Association prioritizes improving the quality of life in the neighborhood through land use, environmental protection, public services, consumer protection, preservation of the community’s historic and unique character, assistance in other neighborhood concerns, and promotion and participation in the civic life of the City and County. For more information, you can visit their community website

Villas at Pine Forest

The Villas at Pine Forest, situated on the outskirts of Tallahassee, currently consists of 111 built homes. Every home is meticulously crafted with style and comfort to encapsulate the authentic essence of city living. Distinguished from any other community, the Villas of Pine Forest offers an exceptional living experience within a vibrant and diverse neighborhood, considered unique with its distinctive rhythm. It’s a place where relaxation is paramount; where memories are created, shared, and cherished; and where the genuine essence of a “neighborhood” is deeply understood. You can visit their neighborhood website for more details on community events and regulations. 


SouthWood neighborhood located in Tallahassee, Florida.

This vibrant and family-friendly neighborhood is highly regarded among Tally locals. Residents appreciate the abundant green space, which encompasses hiking and biking trails. The heart of the community hosts Central Park and Lake, providing 123 acres of land for exploration. The residential areas remain manicured and impeccably clean due to an active Home Owners Association and engaged community members. In addition, you’ll find a community clubhouse, tennis courts, a swimming pool, and a children’s play area are also available to all residents. The SouthWood Golf Club even hosts weekly community events such as Trivia Nights and live music events. And, if it couldn’t get any better, the schools in the area are some the most diverse in the city and adored by parents. Needless to say, this neighborhood truly has it all.

Please note that other neighborhoods in Southside Tallahassee were not included in this list. For more specific details on house listings and neighborhoods, you should speak with a Real Estate agent. Coldwell Banker Hartung is a Tallahassee-based Real Estate agency that has been in business for more than 40 years. Their knowledgeable agents can assist you in finding your next home in Southside Tallahassee or any of the surrounding areas. You can visit their website for more information. 

Southside Tallahassee is a captivating and vibrant community perfect for raising a family. It has an irresistible charm, several public, charter, and private schools, and a warm and welcoming atmosphere that attracts both residents and newcomers alike. As we wrap up our Get to Know the Local Community series, we invite you to read our other blog posts in the series if you haven’t already, and learn about the amazing features that characterize Tallahassee’s various communities.